Building Great Teams and Creating a Culture of Innovation with Kelly Waltrich, Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions – In the Suite Podcast

Grow Intentionly

September 10, 2020

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Today we’re excited to welcome Kelly Waltrich into In The Suite. There’s so much to talk about in this episode. Kelly is Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions. At Orion Advisor Solutions, they help advisors find success by offering personalized financial management continuum, including advisor technology and investment solutions.

Kelly is like a butterfly. There’s art in the metamorphosis. There’s beauty in change. Kelly believes in adapting to change as it comes, which it inevitably will. Change is always looming, always near. Just be ready for it. You’ll hear Kelly talk about “change all day every day” and the conversation that made a gigantic impact on her first week at Orion.

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Kelly beliefs about building trust with your peers  (5:55)
  • How to hire and find the right people (8:20)
  • Ways the Orion workflow has shifted since COVID (12:30)
  • Latest big news and updates at Orion (17:10)
  • Thinking about the steps of the Orion client journey (19:20)
  • Orion’s unique spin to content (24:00)
  • Hosting events in a post-COVID world (26:45)
  • Why you need to design your own career path (30:20)
  • The reason why welcoming change is so important (36:00)
  • Why we should lift each other up and build your community (43:50)
  • How a conversation changed Kelly’s life (46:10)
  • Tips on staying connected with your team and showing you care (51:40)
  • How Kelly champions her superpower every day (56:20)