Our Story

We could tell you about the years of experience we have building and leading marketing teams at some of the most successful fintech firms in the industry. We could tell you about the awards we’ve won and the titles we’ve held—but we don’t believe those are the most important things.

What’s most important is this: Our story, in so many ways, is

Wherever you are right now in your growth journey—building a lead generation engine from the ground up, executing a major go-to-market strategy with a million moving parts, bringing two businesses together, recruiting new talent, aligning your teams, driving growth—we’ve been there.

Now we use that experience as the fuel for our passion: Redefining the role of marketing in business as the strategic, intentional driver of vision and revenue.

We Are

We Are … champions for marketing leaders, sounding boards for start-ups, brand builders for breakaways, and frontline partners for your most complex growth opportunities.

You won’t ever find us settling for good enough, or using the status quo as a measuring stick for success. We're here to challenge you to transform the way you approach your business's development. To coach you to reimagine the value and impact marketing has on your firm. To inspire you to break through the limits traditional thinking has put on your growth strategies. Because when you do, we know the results will be worth it.

The Team

Meet the Intention.ly team.

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Kelly Waltrich

Co-Founder, CEO

Tina Powell

Partner, Chief of Community

Kyle Hiatt

Partner, Head of Sales Consulting

Melissa Thomas

Partner, Head of Strategy

Melissa Angert

Director of Account Strategy

Zohray Brennan

Director, Marketing Automations and Operations

Melissa Buchanan

VP of Content

Marni Dacy

Director of Account Strategy

Lisa DeCanzio

Director of Account Strategy

Erica Ellis

Head of Events and Conferences

Jess Flynn

Director of Account Strategy

Mark Forman

Director of Account Strategy

Evan Hornberger

Associate Creative Director

Amanda Larson

Director of Account Strategy

Dan Natale

Head of Digital Marketing

Bernie Nguyen

Senior Graphic Designer

Jamie Recio

Director of Social Media Strategy

Tyler Reinhold

Sales Development Representative

Terri Roberts

Account Manager

Lauren Sanders

Chief Content Officer

Ashley Sophia Taylor

Account Manager

Jaimie Vennell

Director of Account Strategy and Digital Marketing

Michael Waltrich

Specialist, Data Analytics and Reporting

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Redefining the Role
of Marketing
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