What’s the Growth Potential of Your Target Investment or Acquisition?

Phase 1

We work with private equity firms to assess and evaluate the marketing efforts of potential investments before purchase.

Phase 2

We help brands involved in mergers and acquisitions chart a clear course for coming together with brand equity analysis, communications strategies, and brand consolidation consultation.

Phase 3

We then stick around to help implement the strategies that will turbocharge your growth after the deal is signed.

Phase 1

Before You Invest:

We help you understand the current role marketing plays in for your target firm. Here’s how.

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Revenue Impact Analysis
Revenue Impact Analysis

What’s the impact of current channels on reach and revenue?

Where are there opportunities to scale?

Do they have the appropriate marketing operations, analytics and reporting structure in place to measure success and find opportunities for optimization?

Team Structure Assessment
Team Structure Assessment

Where are there gaps in roles, responsibilities, or skill sets?

What would an ideal structure look like for this team, and how do we get there?

What are the talent, resources, and training needs required to fill those gaps?

Budget Breakdown
Budget Breakdown

What could be cut? Added? Redeployed?

Is the marketing team under or over-resourced?

How does the budget align with growth goals?

Channel Optimization and Scalability Report
Channel Optimization and Scalability Report

What does the current demand generation reach look like?

Are there opportunities for further channel optimization?

What are the costs vs. benefits of expanding across new channels?

Marketing Operations Evaluation
Marketing Operations Evaluation

Is marketing strategy reinforced with reliable performance metrics?

What manual tasks could be automated to drive efficiency?

What tech could we introduce to improve scale and growth?

Let’s talk about your next big investment.

Phase 2

Merger and Acquisition Brand Strategy

Managing the narrative as you bring two brands together is critical for the success of the combined business. Making merger magic is dependent upon both sides being prepared with a unified story that defines brand synergies and very clearly outlines the consolidation impact on clients, employees, and the industry as a whole.

Even more challenging than being prepared to address concerns from every angle? Finding the time to plan proactively while both businesses are still operating as usual. But that planning is the foundation for bringing your combined strengths to market as quickly as possible—the goal of any merger or acquisition.

We’ve done this a time or two.


Here’s How We’ll Help You

Brand Perception Survey

Asset 1@2x
Which brand has a stronger presence in the market?
Asset 1@2x
Which brand’s value proposition resonates most with your target audience?
Asset 1@2x
Which brand components should be retained, and which don’t make sense for the new combined firm?

We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis to collect and translate insights from key stakeholders, clients, prospects, and partners to determine a baseline understanding of both brands’ perception and market penetration.

M&A Communication Planning

Asset 1@2x
What are the key messages you want the industry to know about your combined brand?
Asset 1@2x
How do you logistically plan to bring your businesses together?
Asset 1@2x
What do your employees need to know? Your clients? Your prospects?
Asset 1@2x
How do you best capitalize on the momentum of your M&A news?

We work with both companies involved in mergers and acquisitions to help all parties navigate the consolidation process, establish both internal and external communications plans, and build out key messaging tied to the news of your combined business.

Phase 3

Implementation and Execution After Your Purchase

We work with your new firm to increase
marketing’s contribution to revenue.

Asset 1@2x
Data Operations and Reporting

Determine KPIs and performance metrics by analyzing key funnel benchmarks and conversion rates.

Asset 1@2x
Demand Generation

Build a prospect pipeline with a combination of quick-win initiatives and longer-term strategies.

Asset 1@2x
Content Strategy

Audit existing content for buyer journey and demand generation alignment, then build out content needs to fill any existing gaps.

Asset 1@2x
Budgeting and Forecasting

Start with sales and revenue goals, then determine the MQLs and marketing budget required to achieve them.

Asset 1@2x
Team Planning

Identify gaps and opportunities in the current team structure, and help with talent sourcing and training to build a more effective revenue-generating engine.

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Marketing Integration

Optimize marketing’s role across the organization by implementing efficiencies to drive collaboration and reduce friction between revenue-focused teams.

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