The CMO Summit By Invitation Only


Generic marketing advice is everywhere.

But marketing guidance specifically for the nuanced and complex finance technology industry is almost impossible to find. Where are the best practices, bleeding-edge trends and proven tactics for firms marketing their products and services to financial advisors?

We’ve got ‘em right here. The CMO Summit exists to help technology, investment and service providers more effectively market to financial professionals. We’re bringing together the top marketing leaders in the financial services space to talk about what’s working best for them, learn from each other and take away strategic insights you can’t get anywhere else.


6:00 PM August 7th - 5 PM Aug 8th

What's on the Agenda?

At, we have the privilege of working with over 30 firms in the fintech and finserv space. From this unique position, we regularly scan the marketing landscape and surface common obstacles, budgeting challenges, technology driving results, and the strategies making the biggest impact.

We built our agenda around those insights. Topics include:

  • How to use your marketing dollars most effectively
  • Are we at war with each other for talent?
  • The AI revolution in financial services marketing
  • Trade publications: outdated tactic or smart strategy?
  • Yes, you have competitors: An exercise in positioning, differentiation and reality
  • What happened to partnership marketing in finserv?
  • The necessary evils of competing in this space

Full Agenda Coming Soon!

How much does it cost?

Attendance is free to attend!
You just have to pay for travel.
We negotiated a room rate of $204+. Please book your room here.

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Anything else I should know?

As an attendee, you also get the chance to be part of an research study. Before the event, we’ll send you a short survey that will shape some of the conversations we have at the Summit.