Ways to Work with Intention.ly

What you need from a partner depends on where you are in your growth journey. Intention.ly offers four flexible engagement options designed to address your unique challenges and help you maximize your impact.


Project Work

Project Work is ideal if you’ve got something big on the horizon, or you need expert marketing support for a dedicated amount of time.

We partner with you to capitalize on major opportunities, kickstart your demand gen engine, turn good teams into incredible lead generators, and set your business up with the strategies and resources to transform your growth trajectory.

Project Work is best if…

  • You are looking for a partner to assess, evaluate and level-up your current growth strategy

  • You want support for a major product launch, GTM strategy, or M&A roll out

  • You need a team of experts to pressure-test your brand messaging, perception, and penetration

  • You’re looking to recruit new talent or add structure to your existing team

  • You need help launching a start-up, building a website, or re-branding your firm

Project Work
in Action

Case Study

A company looking to increase their brand presence in the US fintech market wanted to optimize their event execution to improve visibility and make a bigger industry impact overall. We worked with their team to build an entire booth and event strategy for the 2021 T3 industry conference, one of the biggest events in the technology space.

Projects We Love to Implement:

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Messaging Framework

Great storytelling is the foundation of powerful marketing. We build value propositions, brand messages and positioning strategies that help you connect with your target audience by exploring and identifying the ways your products, services and solutions solve their greatest challenges.

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Executive Presentations

Communicate more effectively with your teams and key stakeholders. We create visually stunning executive presentations that drive understanding and engagement with intentional storytelling, clear messages and actionable takeaways, all delivered in a way that’s intuitive and logical for the presenter.

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Product Go-to-Markets

To successfully launch a new product, you need to be a master of juggling many moving pieces while keeping an eye on long-term strategies and goals. We carefully align each building block of your GTM plan with your overall growth strategy, empowering you to execute a flawless product launch.

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Event Presence

Use events to drive increased brand visibility and make a powerful impression on your audience. We improve your event strategy with eye-catching trade show creative, innovative ways to stand out in a room full of your competitors, and expertly built agendas that help you showcase your unique value.

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