Ways to Work with Intention.ly

What you need from a partner depends on where you are in your growth journey. Intention.ly offers four flexible engagement options designed to address your unique challenges and help you maximize your impact.


Thought Partnership

Our Thought Partnership is ideal for leaders who need a sounding board for a new idea, help with structuring your department, strategic feedback, or just a trusted confidant, Intention.ly is your expert thought partner.

Thought Partnership is best if…

  • You’re a PE firm or C-Suite Exec looking for guidance designing a marketing organization in alignment with your company goals

  • You’re a busy CMO that wants advice for how to champion your role as strategic driver of growth

  • You’re a marketing leader juggling both day-to-day tasks and long-term strategic work


Thought Partnership
in Action

Case Study

A technology company greatly impacted by changes brought about by the COVID pandemic had to completely reimagine their go-to-market strategy when in-person meetings and events could no longer be relied on for lead generation. Intention.ly worked with the firm to move marketing to the center of their company’s growth engine by redesigning their marketing team and making the shift to a digital-first strategy.

Thought Partnership Offerings:

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CMO Champion

You can be the best, most innovative Chief Marketing Officer in the world, but without buy-in from your c-suite peers about the power of marketing to drive vision and revenue, you’ll face unrealistic goals and budgeting roadblocks. We’re here to help you advocate for your team’s contribution to company success, and for your rightful seat at the table.

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Marketing Department Design

If you’re here, you already understand the critically important role marketing plays in helping your business meet its goals. That’s step one. We’re here to help you get to step two: defining  the structure, talent and resources you need to build a powerful demand engine for your firm.

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Strategy and Tactical Alignment

When marketing teams become order takers, strategies get buried under a mountain of day-to-day tasks. We help marketing leaders stay laser-focused on the long-term vision that will drive lasting results, while prioritizing tactical efforts to capitalize on short-term opportunities. 

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