Vestorly’s Advisory Board Expands to Provide Cross-Industry Expertise

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July 29, 2021

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Fresh off a strong finish to 2020, Vestorly is expanding into new markets with new products with the guidance and support of industry-savvy veterans.

Vestorly, a venture-funded AI-driven Content Management Engine software company provides solutions for companies to personalize their content feeds. The company has experienced impressive growth and implementation of its intelligent content curation software by a wide spectrum of companies across diverse market verticals.

In an effort to leverage this momentum, the company has expanded and formalized its board of advisors to play a more prominent role in working with the company’s management team to facilitate additional growth.

The expanded advisory board includes Bharat Solanki Managing Director of Cambrian Consulting, David Brown SVP, Head of Strategy at Knotch, David Berkowitz Independent Marketing Consultant, Gary Kreissman Founder of GroupPRM, Kelly Waltrich CMO of Orion Advisor Solutions, Scott Knoll CEO of PCDreamscape, Stephen Langlois President of Kestra Financial, and Joel Goobich Head of Marketing and Sales at Vestorly.

“High growth technology companies often need external perspectives and insights as they  navigate through ever-changing challenges. With the breadth of experiences on our board of advisors, I am confident we will provide that” says Mr. Solanki. “Vestorly has to be commended for taking the initiative to leverage its advisors to assist in maintaining and expanding its growth momentum. I’m delighted to lead the advisory board in this effort.”

David Brown adds “The time has come to view personalization as essential to making content decisions. Vestorly is well-positioned to apply its powerful intelligent content engine to drive content personalization for organizations of all sizes and types.”

Bharat Solanki, the advisory board chairman, is currently managing director at Cambrian Consulting and has over 30 years of executive management experience with management consulting and banking firms such as Andersen Consulting and Bank of America.

David Berkowitz, creates demand generation programs for breakthrough B2B businesses with a focus on positioning, thought leadership, and business development.

Gary Kreissman, a veteran customer acquisition expert,  is the founder of performance-based, targeted customer acquisition companies that develop and promote digital marketing systems that accelerate clients’ ROI and return on time.

Kelly Waltrich, has built a foundation of expertise in marketing financial services and Fintech companies.

Scott Knoll, in his work as CEO of two companies, has been at the cutting edge of using digital data for ad purposes.

Stephen Langlois, has developed a deep understanding of business development and revenue generation in the Fintech and financial services industries in his roles as president and chief revenue officer.

Joel Goobich, a serial entrepreneur and management consultant, joined Vestorly’s executive team in mid-2020 to spearhead the company’s marketing, branding and ABM campaigns.

As personalization becomes the driving force in digital marketing, the advanced use of content has received more prominent attention. Marketers want to know what content is working and how to leverage it for better marketing ROI.

“The revolutionary capabilities of AI combined with natural language processing (NLP) has allowed Vestorly’s data-fed machine learning algorithms to deliver the right content to the right person at the right moment. Think of Vestorly like a pump delivering the specific content that is needed for different business activities,” adds Joel Goobich.

With the assistance of the advisory board, Vestorly is focused on offering its powerful content personalization API and Intelligent Content Discovery platform across the Fintech, Martech, Adtech, and other business sectors.

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