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Five Reasons a Fractional CMO is the Smart Choice for Growing Firms

October 21, 2021

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While adoption of modern marketing across the fintech and finserv industries has traditionally been slow, more firms are beginning to realize the powerful impact great marketing can have—not just on growth in terms of revenue, but also on talent development, company culture, client retention, and branding. 

Understanding the value of marketing is an important first step. Where many firms falter, though, is figuring out the best way to build a powerful marketing engine within their organization. Because real marketing, the kind that leads to sustainable, long-term results, is about more than a great website, email campaigns, social media ads, and content offers.

Successful marketing isn’t just the sum of tactics. It’s a strategic approach to growth that pervades every sector of your business—from aligning with the sales team on what constitutes a lead, to helping the c-suite set realistic goals, to working with product to ensure your services and solutions are meeting customers’ needs.

So where do you begin implementing or scaling marketing efforts across your organization? 

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