Buyer Persona Map

Segmenting Your Audience and Mapping Out Your Buyer Personas Marketers use several tools and methods to identify, segment, and target their desired audiences, but one of the best and most straightforward approaches is to build buyer personas. A buyer persona is a description of the client or prospect you want to attract along with ancillary…

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Five Ways to Change Your Approach to Content in 2023

Working on your 2023 content strategy? Start – and finish – by thinking about your audience. Follow these five customer-first tips for nailing the what, how, why and where of content creation and distribution.  Put your content where your audience wants it. Start thinking about your website as an In-N-Out rather than a Target. Your…

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Thinking about starting a podcast?  The podcasting landscape is a minefield of opportunity if you know what to do and how to do it right. According to BuzzSprout, 43% of listeners age 35-54 (the most popular age group for podcast consumption) tune in monthly. And while there are already several podcasts out there, the industry is…

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In This Issue: The 411 on GBP, making your social media less “me,” and two can’t-miss opportunities for next year’s T3.

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